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  • A love letter to the gulf coast of Florida
    It’s 6:27pm and I’m strolling down an empty Florida beach The warm chill in the air is as soft as a mothers touch Please my love, don’t make me leave I know I’ve outstayed my time on your white sandy […]
  • A little romance with your coffee
    Quickly thrown together in the English heatwave Short sweet poems to calm the mind Paint me with your inspiration Your hands glide over me Like a brush to a canvas I am your latest art piece Caress me, as though […]
  • Miniature poems to soothe the soul
    My rambling thoughts put down on paper for a little slice of the world to read and hopefully bring 30 seconds of peacefulness to your mind. Tracing the syllables from your tongue, each word softly spoken. My mind is blinded […]
  • Beautiful Cottagecore Dress for any Occasion
    I stumbled across this Instagram account recently with a woman showcasing the cutest dresses daily. She was tagging them all ‘cottagecore dress’ which I hadn’t heard of before. Once I had a look into this style I just knew I […]
  • Y2K Outfit for a Summers Day
    What is Y2K fashion? As the name suggests, Y2K is a trend recreating the late 90s fashion and early to mid 2000s fashion styles. This means cute baby tees and low rise trousers are back! Although I’m not the biggest […]
  • Affordable Summer Style
    Summer outfits are my absolute fave and when they’re affordable it’s even better! When it comes to style, I always prefer something that’s going to be comfortable for my 8-hour office shift so t-shirt dresses always make the cut. This […]

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